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Water play

Water play

Water play is one of the most important and simplest of ways to provide sensory play opportunity for toddlers.

Young children can spend countless hours playing with water: pouring it back and forth, watching it spill over the edge of a container, blocking its stream, directing its flow, splashing, making waves, even just washing hands for hours and pouring some more and more and more.

Water provides too many benefits to miss out on : It stimulates a child’s senses, and encourages him to communicate, imagine, socialize, and experiment.

Children can learn scientific concepts and the properties of water as they experiment and make discoveries with water play activities. Parents and teachers can encourage children to observe, predict, describe and theorize about what they are doing. Concepts like sinking, floating and how water flows can be introduced through various materials.

Water play also gives the opportunity to develop language learning by introduction of vocabulary from different activities. New words like: wet, dry, float, sink, warm, hot, cold, pour, stir, slippery, empty, full, heavy, light, wash, swim and many more.

All this can be learnt simply by playing with water – in the bathtub, at the kitchen sink, in the garden with the hose or sprinkler or at water tables.

As a last word, keep an important point in this process – ensure close monitoring and supervision to maintain safety at all times.
Splash away!