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For 5 n half years old
The programme in the SKG level is exclusively designed to prepare our five and a half-year-olds for formal education. It feeds their curiosity and addresses their sense of industry…it keeps the mental wheel “humming.” In this world, we take advantage of a child’s insatiable desire to learn so much…— exposing our kindergarteners to all of the vital information they are demanding about the world. The daily lessons conducted via technology infusion promote not only a more engaging learning environment, they also create opportunities for our children to learn control over their lives by offering choices and encouraging the development of their sense of self. Armed with a strong foundation of English Language we provide the opportunity for the children to apply their new found word recognition skills to reading stories. Our SKG programme has a more academic-based structure that also encourages independent learning so as to aid children in adapting to both local and international Primary School environment.

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