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Screen time in 21st Century

Screen time in 21st Century

We have read stories in the news lately about the dangers of screen time. Everyone is talking about how children today find it difficult today to have a conversation with someone or to focus on something because they are too busy staring at their screen.

We have to admit that technology is not going away. We will not be going back to an era when no one owned digital devices. While embracing technology one should also acknowledge that too much of anything is bad for us, especially for children.

What we must understand is that technology is a tool just like any other tool. It has specific purposes and best practices for its use. Technology can help us to accomplish things that no other tool can do.

We can choose to work with educational apps and not to watch endless videos. Technology could help us learn concepts and skills such as designing, drawing, photoshop, calculations, coding and many more things. positive and appropriate usage of technology infact is a 21st century skill that is important for survival in this century.

Internet is a great source of information and a child needs to know and use it. It is also the way of staying connected now and provides a platform for community learning.

All said, the internet is also a tool that enables self-learning through the information, games and communities. Channelling children into these sorts of activities where they’re engaging and creating rather than passively observing, is one of the keys to making screen time positive.