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My Kitchen School

My Kitchen School

Children learn by using all of their senses in the early developmental stages. Cooking can be an amazing activity for children to engage all their senses. It also gives an opportunity for children to hone important life skills including project management, cleanliness and hygiene and such. Rolling, peeling, chopping, kneading, mixing and pouring are all actions that strengthen motor control, grip and stability. These skills are useful in writing, drawing or painting. Then there are mathematical concepts such as counting, addition, multiplication, ratios, fractions and measurement. “How many cups of water do we need?” how many eggs do we need?” “We need to measure out 100 ml of milk.” It provides your child with excellent opportunities for real life experiences of math.

Enabling children to be creative in the kitchen and having the whole family enjoy the outcome of their hard work is a great way to develop your child’s sense of confidence and important skills.

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