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Madness of repetition!

It’s science: Reading the same books to your child over and over makes them smarter

You would have just finished the 3rd reading of your child’s well-thumbed, tattered book and just as you are closing it, you hear…‘Again!’. Oh I can hear you boiling up. Close your eyes for a minute and take a deep breath. It is all for the good.

Children wanting to read books again and again may sound tiresome to parents there is great benefit to this practice. A preference for familiarity, rather than novelty, is commonly reported at young ages, and reflects an early stage in the learning process. Your child’s age affects the rate at which they will learn and remember information from reading books. Two key principles of memory development are that younger children require longer to encode information than older children, and they forget faster. Hence, the need for repetition.

Following are some important benefits of repetitive reading that makes children smarter Seeing the same words helps word recognition and vocabulary Reading helps children learn language patterns and rhythms Reading the same story book over and over helps phonetic awareness and fluency. Repeating the words and pointing to them as you read them helps children to match what they are hearing with what they see. With fluency and comprehension comes greater reading confidence. Children who can follow a story and don’t stumble over words are more self-assured about their abilities and more likely to enjoy reading.

So, the next time that familiar book is requested again, remember that it is an important step in your child’s learning journey. You can support further learning opportunities within this familiar context by focusing on something new with each retelling.

So go back now, your precious 1 minute is up. Back to reading ☺