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Junior KG

Teacher With Kindergarten Class 895×430

Having said that, having a well-proven mathematics programme, enables the JKG children to build on strong concepts where the components feature real-world situations that stimulate the children’s interest and involvement in mathematics.

For 4 n half years old
The JKG classroom reflects the belief that the four-year-olds are vibrant, active doers. Our children experience life through learning centers, technology. In this classroom, a strong sense of “we-ness” (togetherness) invites children to work cooperatively, to give and take leadership. Recognizing that in this level, a strong foundation of language and math is essential, children are exposed to our phonics and reading programme where they learn to read, spell and write better.

Our JKG programme further strengthens the foundation for children to be prepared for formal school education. The programme is more academic-focused, without neglecting the other essential skills and developmental areas. Children are exposed to a more intensive reading and writing programme to enhance these skills that are essential​​

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