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Heavy Teachers Day!

Heavy teachers day!

Do not wish teachers today!

I am serious. Do not wish them today, if you are one of those who thinks of teaching as yet another profession, you do not remember at least one of your teachers fondly you think anyone can teach a 3 year old..

You do not realise the impact of you child’s teacher in shaping his/ her interest to learn it may seem quite rude or emotional to you but this is the realisation that the pandemic has brought to me.

Since the pandemic unfolded, I watched…I watched ….

Teachers pushed to teach online with absolutely no training..and yet they met the challenge head on and never showed their apprehension or discomfort to the young faces that looked up at them.

Children lying down, eating, playing with toys and parents speaking over phone loudly as the teacher diligently attempts to motivate and instill learning.

The government ignored the welfare of teachers as thousands lost their jobs giving absolutely no compensation, training or thought to the education sector.

Teachers who were in some cases the sole bread winner of the family stood alone, waiting every single day for the schools to open.

Community ignoring the preschool teachers and telling outright on their face ‘what is there to teach a 3 year old, that too online?‘ and saying ‘i shall put him in online class because that will get my work done. So I don’t want to sit with the child during the class.

It truly is with a heavy heart that I write this.
To me the pandemic has showed how teachers have been ignored and not respected.

So I have this request to all of you…..
This teachers day wish a teacher only when you are able to empathise and appreciate the value of a teacher to the community, when you understand that teachers are responsible for every processional in this country, when you value the effort your teacher has taken and the impact a teacher is making on your child.

Teachers I salute you!

And to my Cocoon family- you are absolutely indispensable!

A salute and a tight hug to all of you.

Henna Madan

Founder, Cocoon Preschool and Daycare