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Family’s Life Is Important, For Kid’s Mental Health And Adjustment.

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”Your child’s mental health is more important than his/her grades”, needs to be yelled louder now!

Not to mention, our goal is to raise happy and well-adjusted children. There are thousands of books and social media pages that provide advice on raising children successfully. Whether it is about health, child development, education, or parenting, experts strive to give parents the most up to date information when it comes to the importance of family life. However, the most simple truth is often overlooked: Children from birth to adulthood need family time and their parents’ attention. Sometimes we become so anxious to raise a “successful” child that we overlook the importance of spending time with family and interacting personally with them. Please don’t misinterpret! This does not mean picking up kids from school and rushing to extracurricular activities or supervising homework. Interactive time is spent with both child and parent fully engaged in an activity together. The importance of such family time is multifold. Children will be able to feel their value and their importance in our life. They will be able to feel loved. Things don’t end here. Children will have an opportunity to model their parent’s behavior. Wondering how we will be benefitted? Well, we, in return, will be able to observe and learn about our little one’s strengths and weaknesses and can guide them in a much better way. First, a kid’s good mental health and adjustments starts with how a parent perceives and responds to them. Especially during early to middle childhood, children want to please their adult caregivers more than anything else. Fostering acceptance and love from birth will help facilitate a positive self-image. Learning how to talk to tots in a way that doesn’t include bribes, sarcasm, or nagging is also important to keep in mind.

Here are a few ways that can help a child’s mental health:

  1. Spend more Family Time.
  2. Making it a habit of reading with children.
  3. Attending family functions together.
  4. Watch out for movies together.
  5. Play indoors with them during free time.
  6. Be their friends and let them share anything and everything with you.
  7. Don’t hesitate to talk openly about menstruation, puberty and dating life.
  8. Plan outdoor family activities such as hiking, bicycling, picnics, or camping.
  9. Participate in religious activities together.
  10.  Share music by listening, singing, or dancing together.

Parents may think that keeping their children involved in extracurricular activities and helping them with their homework are the most important actions they can take to ensure that their kids and teens will become successful adults. However, they may overlook the importance of spending time interacting personally with their child or children. When parents and kids spend time interacting and having fun together, the results are many and extremely valuable. From this experience over the years, children come to feel important and loved. They have the opportunity to adopt essential values from their parents. Parents have the chance to gain more in-depth knowledge about their children’s strengths and weaknesses, which enables them to provide sufficient support and proper guidance. During these times together, mainly when it’s one-on-one time, children feel free to express their thoughts and feelings. All of these experiences create a stronger parent-child bond, which leads to greater self-confidence, resilience, and self-reliance.

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