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Cocoon is all about providing children a safe haven to create everlasting memories and skills in children. We strive to make every child fall in love with learning so that they will reach significant milestones effortlessly and choose to remain lifelong learners.

The Founder, Henna Madan: The dreamer, visionary, mother, maker, designer and the indispensable root of Cocoon. Her background in Child Psychology has been an asset in making Cocoon the most Child friendly school in Navi Mumbai.
She envisioned a warm, trusted, safe and inspirational family environment of learning with fun for her own son 23 years ago. Cocoon was founded on this vision. She sent her son to Cocoon Pre-school – the ultimate litmus test.

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Happy Parents say

Cocoon organised a wonderfully conceptualized and beautifully executed Summer Camp which was filled with fun stories, engaging science experiments, full of masti yoga and fun-filled art & crafts sessions. The efforts of all the teachers behind each session was tremendous. My child always looked forward to each of the session and now she misses her lovely teachers a lot. Thank you Cocoon Team to fill the gloomy lockdown days with such fun and happiness.

Astha Goel, Entrepreneur

My son, Aarul who is now 3 yrs old, has been to Cocoon daycare since 8  months of age. It has become his second home where he spends maximum time of the day. So basically everyone in Cocoon has seen Aarul grow, he learnt to walk, talk, eat, got potty trained there. The teachers are just wonderful, very caring, and they keep you updated about the child’s habits/progress. The ambience is homely and comfortable which makes Aarul want to go to daycare even on Sundays. Even in the lockdown days he has missed being to Cocoon and not a day goes by when he doesn’t think of his teachers, friends and aunties. More important is it makes us concentrate more on our work as we know Aarul is in safe hands.

Thank you Cocoon for everything….

Dr. Medha Patil Borgaonkar,

One thing is quite understandable that in lockdown childrens are missing school and friends a lot. My daughter Mayra is going through the same during this lockdown. Finally we had some good news from Cocoon management about starting Virtual Summer Camp. Initially had tough time to make my 4  year old daughter to concentrate on screen for summer camp but with strong efforts Cocoon teachers made it quite easy. Myra used to wait for summer camp session eagerly almost all day. All these happened because of creative and engaging sessions of Cocoon Summer Camp. Sincerely appreciate efforts of Cocoon staff for making my daughter learn more and more things.

Lots of Love to all Cocoonites.

Mohini, Environment Engineer

My child’s emotional, behavioural and educational needs have been more than adequately met by the very patient and brilliant teachers at Cocoon PreSchool. I am very sad that  it is now an end of an era  for our family.

Love you Cocoon.

Akhila Dakpade, Home Maker

The summer camp by Cocoon was awesome. My daughter enjoyed it a lot. With being locked down at home for so long, the online summer camp was refreshing and kept looking forward to it especially on Saturday when there were crafts and other interesting activities taught based on the theme.


Raina Assainar, Journalist