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4 months to 14 months

Infants need personalized attention; from the safe heaven of home your baby needs to prepare to step into the world full of opportunities. A day care Centre is the first such exposure. Our infant care program maintains a high staff to child ratio (1:2) for every 2 infants we have one adult to look after each baby’s unique schedule multiple needs and patterns. Infants are exposed to stimulation through a mixed of structured and unstructured playtime, rhyme time musical sessions story telling sessions with visuals and gross motor activities.

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14 months to 3 years plus  .

Each day for a toddler is about discovering new things just as your baby transforms into a toddler his child care needs also change. Our toddler care program takes into consideration these factors and provides a safe environment which is suitable for the toddlers overall development. We maintain a delicate balance exploring their world around learning new concepts while retaining the importance of family values and laying a foundation of spiritual learning. We make sure learning is an enjoyable and a memorable process. Music, arts, yoga, sensory experiences , nature exploration is an integral part of our toddler curriculum

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After school

3 Years plus.

Today an increasing number school going children have parents who work outside home. A child returning to an empty home after school hours is the biggest cause of anxiety for Parents and the children too crave for comfort and security for which a quality after school care is very essential. For a children going to a big schools, Cocoon offers a fun and safe environment where the child can continue to explore, learn and build new friendships, Activities include indoor and outdoor play, reading and story telling and options to sleep.